Where to Purchase Six Nations 2016 Tickets

Getting Six Nations 2016 tickets can really be difficult since the demand often exceed the supply. Tickets for highly anticipated matches would be sold out months ahead, even with huge mark-ups. So, if you’re a fan and you really want to watch the game but could get tickets ahead of time, how can you get some?

Every rugby union would distribute a number of tickets to its clubs, affiliated schools, and members. Club rugby enthusiasts, specifically season ticket holders, will have the chance to purchase a ticket to watch their team.

Also, there are rugby unions that issue debentures that will enable fans to purchase rights to have Six Nations 2016 tickets. For instance, the Welsh Rugby Union has about 20,000 debenture holders at their home pitch, the Millennium Stadium.

Availability of Tickets

Tickets are available depending on the match fans want to watch. There are different sales channels for the six rugby unions:

1. Rugby Football Union (RFU) – not yet for sale to the general public, but debenture holders can obtain them. When tickets go on sale, English rugby clubs and RFU affiliated schools will be prioritized.

2. French Rugby Federation (FFR) – available for purchase through their official ticketing website.

3. Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) – currently available via their affiliated schools and rugby clubs.

4. Italian Rugby Federation (FIR) – available for purchase through their ticketing website: TicketOne.it.

5. Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) – tickets for their first home match are not yet on general sale. Fans are advised to buy a “six nations pass.”

6. Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) – already available on general sale as of Tuesday, 6th October 2015.

Unofficially, Six Nations 2016 tickets are being re-sold at ticket exchanges online.